Anti-Scalant for Hardness Removal

Anti-Scalant for Hardness Removal 2017-09-22T11:17:01-07:00


AmeriWater’s PT401 anti-scalant liquid ties up the hardness minerals sending them down the drain, protecting scaling of the RO membrane.

The MROS and MRO1 models have the anti-scalant system included inside the cabinet and eliminates the need for softened water.

  • no heavy bags of salt
  • no space required
  • no wasted regeneration water

Sizes available:

  • PT401 Anti-Scalant, (4) one gallon containers
  • PT401 Super Concentrate, 2 Quart Pack (makes 60 gallons)
  • PT401 Super Concentrate, 4 Quart Pack (makes 120 gallons)


AmeriWater is the only dialysis water treatment manufacture that offers this green alternative to softeners as part of their FDA 510K.