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Pure water is essential to laboratories. Trident Technology has extensive knowledge and experience specializing in providing ultrapure water solutions and technical support to laboratories in healthcare, academic settings and general use.

Our experts can design a water treatment system for a new location or upgrade an existing one.

We can provide equipment to supply Type I, Type II and Type III water. We carry many different manufacturers. Please inquire about the specific model you are interested in or our experts can assist in helping you select one.

Applications that require ultrapure water include:

Type One

Required for critical laboratory applications such as HPLC mobile phase preparation, blanks and sample dilution in GC, HPLC, AA, ICP-MS and other advanced analytical techniques; preparation of buffers and culture media for mammalian cell culture and IVF; production of reagents for molecular biology applications (DNA sequencing, PCR); and preparation of solutions for electrophoresis and blotting

Type Two

Used in general laboratory applications such as buffers, pH solutions and microbiological culture media preparation; as feed to Type 1 water systems, clinical analyzers, cell culture incubators and weathering test chambers; and for preparation of reagents for chemical analysis or synthesis.

Type Three

The lowest laboratory water grade, recommended for glassware rinsing, heating baths and filling autoclaves, or to feed Type 1 lab water systems.

Here is an example of some of the products we carry

AmeriWater’s ultrapure laboratory water treatment systems meet CSLI/CAA/ASTM Type I though Type IV water quality requirements. Water systems include a reverse osmosis system, storage tank with UV disinfection, and a deionizer. AmeriWater has the right system to supply your hospital with ultrapure lab water.


Select a Reverse Osmosis

AmeriWater’s unique cabinet design provides superior durability. With the Reverse Osmosis for Laboratory Waterpump, membranes and pretreatment located inside, the system is so quiet you won’t even know it is running. When it’s time for maintenance, the hinged doors on the front and rear of the cabinet allow quick and easy access. Note: The anti-scalant and carbon pretreatment for the HCR03 and HCR04 are located on the outside of the cabinet for easy access.

  • Pre-carbon block filter
  • Anti-scalant feed to prevent hard water scale on reverse osmosis

  • Controller with conductivity of feed and product water

  • Disinfection is quick and easy. With a simple push of the keypad, the RO can be disinfected with PAA in only one hour.

  • Microprocessor controller keeps you informed of operating conditions with backlit LCD displaying product and feed water conductivity, product water temperature, operating hours, percent rejection, and a variety of operating status messages. Programmable flush keeps RO fresh between uses.

MODEL 00HC-0015 00HC-0045 00HC-0060 00HC-0075
Product Flow GPD* 800 2,200 4,200 5,600
Number of Membranes 2 2 3 4
Power Volt/Amp 120/13 120/14 230/7 230/8
Feed Flow GPM 3 5 7 8
Percent Rejection > 96
* Rated nominal flow at 77F, 1500 ppm of NaCl at pump psi of 170 and pH 7.5.

Select a Laboratory Storage Tank

The laboratory storage tank, with UV disinfector and submicron filter, is Laboratory Storage Tankintended for use with a reverse osmosis unit and a deionizer providing Type II water. This system is used on washer/disinfectors, lab, glassware washers, and blood analyzers. A 55 or 100 gallon storage tank with demand pump package provides up to 4 GPM for a ½” recirculating loop.

  • 55 or 100 gallon storage tank with sealed lid and pump package
  • UV sterilizer

  • Includes a resistivity monitor with alarm

  • Post submicron filtration 0.2um

  • An end of loop relief valve

  • Low resistivity alarm

  • Storage tank empty pump shutdown

Dual Worker/Polisher Deionizer

The Silex dual worker/polisher deionizer is designed for use with the Dual Worker/Polisher Deionizerlaboratory system to polish the water from the RO storage tank. Uses include labs, critical spot free rinsing, chemical dilution and mixing, humidification, etc. The Silex deionizer uses packs of mixed bed resin that are sent back to the regeneration center to be recharged. A spare set is provided so they can be alternated for regeneration. The regeneration service is only a fraction of the cost of disposable deionizer beds or cartridges. The all PVC housings are durable and the packs are easy to exchange.


  • Pressure Min/Max PSI: 20/90
  • Temperature: 41-100°F
  • Feed SDI: < 5
  • Chlorine Max to Membranes: 0.1 PPM

  • ETL Listed, Conforms to UL Std 61010-1

  • Certified CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1


  • Drain: One 1½” Floor Drain or Sink
  • Feed Water Quality: Low Conductivity
  • Distribution Pump Output: 4 GPM at 55 PSIG
  • Electrical: 115V, 20 Amps GFI Dedicated Circuit, 3 Prong Receptacle
  • ETL Listed, Conforms to UL Std 61010-1
  • Certified CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1

  • Seismic OPA-2202-7


  • Inlet/Outlet: ½” NPT
  • Capacity: ½ Cubic Foot for Each Housing

  • Flow Rate: Up to 4 GPM

  • Maximum Feed Pressure: 50 PSI Without Regulator Kit

  • Maximum Temperature: 110°F

  • Bottom Drain and Sample Port: ⅜” Ball Valve