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Several different alarm configurations are available with remote for the Alarm Panel With Remote Controlnurses’ station to meet the requirements of the water treatment system.

  • The NEMA 1 FRP 6¼” x 8¼” alarm panel is the central monitor of the water treatment system.
  • The control has audio and visual alarms and interfaces with the NEMA 1 FRP 4½” x 4½” remote alarm; also with audio and visual alarms.
  • The silence button is only located on the main panel in the water room, and has a 180 second reset.

  • The control is operated on a 120V electrical circuit and transforms down to a 12V for the remote alarm so connecting cable can be easily installed between them.

  • The system includes a line cord for the 120V electrical supply and a 100 foot multi-conductor wire cable for the 12V alarm circuit.

  • Digital readout is controlled by CPU with adjustable alarm set points for resistivity and conductivity.

  • Dry contact on alarm can be used to communicate to building system.

  • Disinfect mode eliminates alarms and indicates disinfect on main control and remote.

  • Base models can have resistivity and conductivity added in the field with expander board and cell.


  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License #90655