UP TO 35 Stations

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For systems delivering hemodialysis water for up to 35 stations, AmeriWater offers you an unbeatable value. We have the experience and equipment to provide you with a custom designed system to your specifications, producing water for dialysis that will meet all AAMI, FDA and CMS requirements while lowering your operating costs. Putting one to work at your facility is easy. AmeriWater certified representatives are available to install, validate and provide maintenance for your system virtually anywhere in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

  • Field-proven designs that deliver dependable performance
  • Fully-integrated, best-in-class components for maximum efficiency
  • Easy to monitor and simple to operate, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum
  • Designed to conserve energy and water

  • Flexible designs to meet your budget, capacity needs and footprint


  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 77645


Although each central system we design is unique, AmeriWater delivers a complete and fully-integrated system that typically includes:
  • High capacity Reverse Osmosis water treatment
  • Multi-media filters, backwashing carbon filters, water softeners, MRO pre-filters and Nephros dual stage ultra filters

  • Deionization exchange tanks
  • Distribution pumps, valves and plumbing

  • Controls and alarms