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Pure water is essential to laboratories.Trident Technology has extensive knowledge and experience specializing in providing ultrapure water solutions and technical support to laboratories in healthcare, academic settings and general use.

We offer service contracts or as needed services for your laboratory RO systems.Our service and maintenance plans are customized for each customer based on needs. Our service request line is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Our technicians provide service documentation onsite after each visit.

Our experts can design a water treatment system for a new location or upgrade an existing one.  We have partnered with Ameriwater one of the premier providers of laboratory water treatment equipment manufacturers to bring you only the highest quality laboratory water treatment equipment.  AmeriWater’s ultrapure laboratory water treatment systems meet CSLI/CAA/ASTM Type I though Type IV water quality requirements.

Providing ultra pure water solutions for laboratory

Applications that require ultrapure water include:

Type One

Required for critical laboratory applications such as HPLC mobile phase preparation, blanks and sample dilution in GC, HPLC, AA, ICP-MS and other advanced analytical techniques; preparation of buffers and culture media for mammalian cell culture and IVF; production of reagents for molecular biology applications (DNA sequencing, PCR); and preparation of solutions for electrophoresis and blotting

Type Two

Used in general laboratory applications such as buffers, pH solutions and microbiological culture media preparation; as feed to Type 1 water systems, clinical analyzers, cell culture incubators and weathering test chambers; and for preparation of reagents for chemical analysis or synthesis.

Type Three

The lowest laboratory water grade, recommended for glassware rinsing, heating baths and filling autoclaves, or to feed Type 1 lab water systems.