UP TO 5 Stations

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The Mini-Central system from AmeriWater is designed to ideally meet the needs of medium sized dialysis treatment facilities. It is the only dialysis water treatment system on the market today that meets all CMS regulatory requirements for up to five stations. It is perfect for acute dialysis, nursing homes and correctional facilities.

  • A complete dialysis water treatment system that turns tap water into water for dialysis with no need for softening or pre-treatment
  • Reverse osmosis unit with carbon on-board anti-scalant and separate disinfection tank
  • Two large RO membranes for the capacity to feed up to five dialysis machines

  • Unique disinfection tank design disinfects the RO and loop completely and assures a high concentration of disinfectant in the loop, resulting in a more thorough disinfection

  • Lowers water usage by returning unused product water from the loop back to the RO

  • Microprocessor controller displays product and feed water conductivity, % rejection, product water temperature, operating hours and a variety of operating status messages and alarms

  • Quick and easy onboard disinfection with the push of a keypad


  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 77645